NRA Certified Pistol Training,

by Paul Foreman

Athens, Alabama




NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Paul Foreman, is offering classes in basic  pistol shooting. 

Paul has 21 yrs experience in Law Enforcement.

This class of  instruction is designed by the NRA and is for anyone who need training in the use and care of their firearm. This class is also a great refresher for those who have owned a handgun, but never had formal training!

Class size will be limited to provide individual attention.

 Live fire will be limited to two students at a time.

Private classes are available!

  Training will include Live Fire at a shooting range after  classroom instruction which includes:

A) Pistol knowledge and Safe gun Handling

B) Ammunition Knowledge and fundamentals of pistol shooting,

C) Maintaining your pistol

D) Firing live ammo at the range


Day and evening classes for your convenience.

Individual classes also available!

Couples Discount! Friends Discount!

Call for more info and pricing:

 Paul Foreman


E-Mail :



( I don't think the cops themselves,need my training! )Laughing

Participants will be required to have both EYE  protection and Hearing protection

These can be purchased at the gun shop where you find this flyer.

 Or:  I will have them available.

Instructor HIGHLY recommends Electronic Ear Protection that allows you to hear normally  but  blocks out the sound of your gun.

Eye protection can be regular safety glasses or “over glasses “.

Instructor recommends a minimum of 150 rounds of ammo specified for your guns caliber. QUESTIONS about type of ammo? Just call  Paul.

You will be required to have in your possession your pistol permit 

and state issued I.D.

 Basic Pistol Training Class is for both men and  women 18 years and older.

Serving North Alabama, Athens, Madison, Florence Alabama

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Get Directions To:
26600 Old School House Rd
ardmore Alabama 35739

Do not go out to the Gun Range to see, me, I am only there during scheduled classes! 
Call me! 256-431-6702