Blood Stains in Paradise

a Novel by Paul Foreman

To Be Released Dec 1st 2016 !

  I couldn't put it down! I could hear Paul telling these stories! It's like riding in the front seat of a patrol car, learning what he went through, being a cop in Paradise.

Bob, Stone Mountain Georgia


When I tried to help Paul do editing, I found myself too engrossed in the stories!



Just finished your book! Came Monday afternoon and I have read it cover to cover. It was great! So many great stories and what a life you have led. Now I'll let Bud read it. When is the next one coming out?

Vivian, Ft. Myers Fl


I enjoyed reading Blood Stains in Paradise because it chronicles the true stories of a law enforcement officer as he goes from park ranger to deputy sherrif in Southwest Florida. Some of his story is exciting, some routine. Some of the stories are funny and some are somber. Much of it covers the challenges faced by an honest deputy learning to deal with dishonest cops, corrupt officials and the dark underside of society. This is written as series of related short stories all with the common thread of a young deputy learning the ins and outs of the law enforcement profession, while raising two young boys and doing his best to remain faithfull to his Christian upbringing. The book has some graphic descriptions of crime scenes but none of the profanity and vulger language typical of many police novels. It is appropriate for teanagers and or anyone who may be thinking about a career in law enforcement. It would also be of interest to anyone who has lived in Naples, Sarasota and Venice. The stories are told in an engaging and interesting way.
, Atlanta


This book was easy to read. It took a total of about 4 hours. It was a good look at how difficult police jobs are and the unusual things that occur everyday. It was an honest look at what is going on in society today and our what our police have to deal with. Good job by the author. A very interesting book!

Rod Shoap, Cape Coral, Fl.


A unique look into life in law enforcement. Makes you realize that officers are real people just like us, good and bad.

Bud Gramer, Ft. Myers Fl 



I finished reading this book last night at midnight! Got into it and couldn't stop reading. He tells it like it is, warts and all, but in a professional manner without self-aggrandizement and without being gross or using bad language. Great read. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and can't wait for the sequel !

Charles Hester, Ft Myers Beach, Fl



I love this book for a few reasons. Yes, it is easy reading. But I like the fact that the author tells it from a softer prospective than most "cop" books do. Not only does he show that the men and women of law enforcement really do have hearts, he also finds the humor in what the real world of law enforcement is like. From the donuts to the extreme creases of the uniforms and the off beat sense of humor that really does exist. I also like the fact that he chronicles his journey from being a real life Park Ranger and how that propelled him to become a Sheriff's Deputy. If you want to read a book that gives you a birds eye view of the world of Law Enforcement, this is a book you will thoroughly enjoy. I am excited about the sequel that will be coming out soon!

Sandy Detar, Alva, Fl